Pilot Application


  • 15 years of age or older

  • Grade 3 or higher and can access the Expert Server

  • Have a valid Infinite Flight Community (IFC) Account

  • Have a valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription

  • Have a minimum of 300 hours of flight time on Infinite Flight

  • Have no more than 2 IFATC issued violations in 1 year

The pilot’s experience is our top priority at Air China Virtual. While we provide the most professional advice and training to our prospective VA members, we emphasize the realism and proficiency of our pilot’s behavior on the Expert server.

Air China Virtual pilot application is divided into two sections. Applicants will first be examined with a 20-question knowledge exam testing their knowledge of the Infinite Flight user guide and some general knowledge of aviation rules and regulations. Pilots must score above 80% to proceed to the next application round. If pilots score lower than an 80%, they will have to wait for seven days until their next attempt at the knowledge exam.

Our Line Check Airmen(LCA) are in charge of evaluating every applicant’s flying skills before admitting them to become a member of the VA. After the applicant passes the knowledge exam, they will be assigned to one of our LCAs, who will be present during the check ride and supervise the applicant’s flying performance in the Expert Server during the check ride. The LCA will inform more info regarding check rides closer to the examination.