Find your talent, and enjoy the ride.

Air China Virtual was initially founded in 2019. Our goal is to provide pilots with a unique flying experience and realism through the highest standards of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). As the flag carrier airline of China, Air China Virtual focuses on the professionalism of our pilots. Our team of Staff and Advisors will assist all pilots who encounter difficulties or have questions regarding Infinite Flight and beyond. We aim to build an empathetic community with a pleasant vibe all around.

After months of waiting, the community-favorite long hauler now enters our fleet. The unrivaled engine power and outstanding fuel efficiency make it the perfect choice for our intercontinental routes. It’s also qualified for high-density short-haul routes with its large passenger capacity, offering THE better way to fly to all customers.

A total of 1000+ routes

Air China Virtual currently has 800+ routes in our route database. Our new route database is based on the latest summer season schedule. Our Route Manager takes good care of updating the routes to the most up-to-date routes and keeping in line with air china’s routes IRL.

Air China Virtual offers an outstanding Codeshare Program, and it’s continually growing! To offer our pilots more destinations they can fly, Air China Virtual will release a weekly “Star Alliance Routes of the Week”. We will also work on establishing relationships with our Star Alliance VA partners and other codeshare partners that reflect the real-world operations of Air China. Events will be hosted at least once every two weeks by our Event Management team.

Realistic Experience

In order to enhance customer experience, this program offers increased number of flights, larger aircraft and priority service to selected city pairs. Same as in real life, this program contains six city pairs: Beijing to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Chengdu. In addition,every week our operational team will handpick 4 extra city pairs for this program.

Pilots can enjoy extra perks when flying Express Line routes:

  • 1.25x flight time multiplier

  • 1.5x multiplier for return flights within 12h after outbound leg

  • No more aircraft restrictions (airport size restriction still in effect)

A proud member of Star Alliance Virtual

No Aircraft Restrictions

Instead of restricting what aircraft pilots can fly at each rank, Air China Virtual assigns aircraft on each route that completely follows its' real-life operation.